Again the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord.(A) They served the Baals and the Ashtoreths,(B) and the gods of Aram,(C) the gods of Sidon,(D) the gods of Moab, the gods of the Ammonites(E) and the gods of the Philistines.(F) And because the Israelites forsook the Lord(G) and no longer served him, he became angry(H) with them. He sold them(I) into the hands of the Philistines and the Ammonites, who that year shattered and crushed them. For eighteen years they oppressed all the Israelites on the east side of the Jordan in Gilead,(J) the land of the Amorites. The Ammonites also crossed the Jordan to fight against Judah,(K) Benjamin and Ephraim;(L) Israel was in great distress.

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