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The Death of Gideon

28 The Midianites were forced to be under the rule of the Israelites. The Midianites did not cause trouble anymore. And the land was at peace for 40 years, as long as Gideon was alive.

29 Gideon[a] son of Joash went home. 30 Gideon had 70 sons of his own. He had so many sons because he had many wives.

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  1. Judges 8:29 Gideon Literally, “Jerub-Baal,” a nickname given to Gideon earlier (see 6:32). Also throughout chapter 9.”

Gideon’s Death

28 Thus Midian was subdued before the Israelites and did not raise its head(A) again. During Gideon’s lifetime, the land had peace(B) forty years.

29 Jerub-Baal(C) son of Joash(D) went back home to live. 30 He had seventy sons(E) of his own, for he had many wives.

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