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30 “Aren’t they just finding and dividing the plunder?
A womb[a]—no—two wombs for every man.
Dyed goods as plunder for Sisera, dyed fabrics as spoils,
embroidered dyed material,
fancy embroidered fabric for my neck, plunder.”[b]

31 Thus may all your enemies perish, Lord.
But those who love him will be
    like the sun coming forth in its strength.

Then the land was quiet for forty years.

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  1. Judges 5:30 This word, which many translations euphemize as girl, is the Hebrew word for womb. A euphemistic translation masks the callousness of Sisera’s mother, who knows that her son and his men would be finding women to rape after a victory. She expects to receive a share of the plunder from these predators.
  2. Judges 5:30 The translation my neck is an alternate reading of the Hebrew text. The main reading of the Hebrew text is necks of plunder.