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12 They found among the inhabitants of Jabesh Gilead 400 young girls who were virgins who had never been intimate with a man in bed.[a] They brought them back to the camp at Shiloh in the land of Canaan.

13 The entire assembly sent messengers to the Benjaminites at the cliff of Rimmon and assured them they would not be harmed.[b] 14 The Benjaminites returned at that time, and the Israelites[c] gave to them the women they had spared from Jabesh Gilead. But there were not enough to go around.[d]

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  1. Judges 21:12 tn Heb “who were not knowers of a man by the bed of a male.” The verb יָדַע (yadaʿ) “to know,” or “to be intimate with,” acts as a euphemism for sexual relations, which is further clarified by reference to a man’s bed.
  2. Judges 21:13 tn Heb “And all the assembly sent and spoke to the sons of Benjamin who were at the cliff of Rimmon and they proclaimed to them peace.”
  3. Judges 21:14 tn Heb “they”; the referent (the Israelites) has been specified in the translation for clarity.
  4. Judges 21:14 tn Heb “but they did not find for them enough.”