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19 We have enough straw and grain for our donkeys, and there is enough food and wine for me, your female servant,[a] and the young man who is with your servants.[b] We lack nothing.” 20 The old man said, “Everything is just fine.[c] I will take care of all your needs. But don’t spend the night in the town square.” 21 So he brought him to his house and fed the donkeys. They washed their feet and had a meal.[d]

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  1. Judges 19:19 tn By calling his concubine the old man’s “female servant,” the Levite emphasizes their dependence on him for shelter.
  2. Judges 19:19 tc Some Hebrew mss and ancient witnesses read the singular, “your servant,” which would refer to the Levite. If one retains the plural, then both the Levite and his wife are in view. In either case the pronominal suffix emphasizes their dependence on the old man for shelter.
  3. Judges 19:20 tn Heb “Peace to you.”
  4. Judges 19:21 tn Heb “ate and drank.”

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