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17 For the entire seven days of the party, she had been whining and trying to get the answer from him. But that seventh day she put so much pressure on Samson that he finally gave in and told her the answer. She went straight to the young men and told them.

18 Before sunset that day, the men of the town went to Samson with this answer:

A lion is the strongest—
    honey is the sweetest!

Samson replied,

This answer you have given me
doubtless came
    from my bride-to-be.

19 Then the Lord’s Spirit took control of Samson. He went to Ashkelon,[a] where he killed thirty men and took their clothing. Samson then gave it to the thirty young men at Timnah and stormed back home to his own family.

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  1. 14.19 Ashkelon: Another Philistine town.