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15 to do doom against all men, and to reprove all unfaithful men of all the works of the wickedness of them, by which they did wickedly, and of all the hard words, that wicked sinners have spoken against God.[a]

16 These be grumblers full of plaints [These be grutchers plaining, or full of plaints], wandering after their desires; and the mouth of them speaketh pride, worshipping persons, because of winning [by cause of winning].

17 And ye, most dear brethren, be mindful of the words [Forsooth, ye most dear, be ye mindful of the words], which be before-said of [the] apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ;

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  1. Jude 1:15 for to do doom against all, and to reprove all unpious men of all the works of the unpiety of them, by which they did unpiously, and of all hard words, that unpious sinners have spoken against God.

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