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15 to execute poieō judgment krisis on kata all pas and kai to convict elenchō all pas the ungodly psychē of peri all pas · ho their autos ungodly asebeia acts ergon that hos they have committed in their ungodliness asebeō, and kai of peri all pas the ho harsh things sklēros that hos ungodly asebēs sinners hamartōlos have spoken laleō against kata him autos.” 16 These houtos people are eimi grumblers gongystēs, malcontents mempsimoiros who follow poreuō · ho their heautou sinful desires epithumia; · kai · ho their autos speech stoma is laleō arrogant hyperonkos, they flatter thaumazō others prosōpon to charin gain advantage ōpheleia.

17 But de you hymeis, dear friends agapētos, must remember mimnēskomai the ho predictions rhēma · ho foretold by hypo the ho apostles apostolos of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos,

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