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15 judge every person. He is coming to ·punish [convict] ·all [every person/soul] who are against God for all ·the evil they have done against him [L their ungodly deeds committed in an ungodly manner]. And he will punish the ·sinners who are against God [ungodly sinners] for all the ·evil [harsh/defiant words; insults] they have said against him.” [C Jude appears to be quoting here from the nonbiblical Jewish book of 1 Enoch (1:9), although he may be drawing generally from Jewish tradition.]

16 These people ·complain and blame others [are grumblers and fault-finders], ·doing the evil things they want to do [L pursuing their own desires/lusts]. ·They brag about themselves [L Their mouths speak boastful words], and they ·flatter [impress; astound] others ·to get what they want [to gain an advantage; L for the sake of gain].

A Warning and Things to Do

17 [L But you] ·Dear friends [Beloved], remember what the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ ·said before [predicted; prophesied; foretold; 2 Pet. 3:2].

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