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12 These houtos people are eimi · ho blemishes spilas on en · ho your hymeis love-feasts agapē, feasting with syneuōcheomai you without reverence aphobōs, caring poimainō only for poimainō themselves heautou. They are waterless anydros clouds nephelē, swept along parapherō by hypo winds anemos; autumn phthinopōrinos trees dendron without fruit akarpos and uprooted ekrizoō completely dis dead apothnēskō; 13 wild agrios waves kyma of the sea thalassa, casting up epaphrizō · ho their heautou shameful deeds aischunē like foam ; wandering planētēs stars astēr for whom hos the ho gloom zophos of ho utter darkness skotos has been reserved tēreō for eis eternity aiōn.

14 · de It was also kai about these houtos that Enoch Henōch, the seventh hebdomos in descent from apo Adam Adam, prophesied prophēteuō, saying legō, “ Behold idou, the Lord kyrios comes erchomai with en ten thousands myrias of his autos holy ones hagios

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