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12 They are like ·dirty spots [blemishes; or dangerous hidden reefs/rocks] in your ·special Christian meals you share [fellowship meals; love feasts]. They eat with you and have no ·fear [qualms; or shame], ·caring only for themselves [or shepherds feeding themselves]. They are clouds without ·rain [L water], which the wind blows around [2 Pet. 2:17]. They are autumn trees without fruit that are ·pulled out of the ground [uprooted]. So they are twice dead [C because they are both barren and uprooted; or perhaps a reference to both the physical and spiritual death of the false teachers]. 13 They are like wild waves of the sea, ·tossing up their own shameful actions like foam [L foaming up their own shame]. They are like ·stars that wander in the sky [C perhaps a reference to planets, whose variable positions, unlike those of the stars, provide mariners no guidance]. A place in the ·blackest darkness [L gloom of darkness; v. 7] has been kept for them forever [2 Pet. 2:17].

14 Enoch, the seventh descendant from Adam [C counting Adam first; Gen. 5:18–24], ·said [L prophesied] about these people: “·Look [T Behold], the Lord is coming with many thousands of his ·holy angels [L holy ones] to

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