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19 For whatever thing is of gold, and of silver, and of brazen vessels, and of iron (vessels), be it hallowed to the Lord, and be it kept in his treasuries.

20 Then while all the people cried, and the trumps sounded, after that the sound sounded in the ears of the multitude, the walls felled down anon; and each man went up by the place that was against him. And they took the city, (Then while the trumpets sounded, and were heard in the ears of the multitude, all the people shouted, and the walls fell down at once; and each man advanced straight ahead. And they took the city,)

21 and they killed all things that were therein, from man unto woman, (and) from a young child unto an eld man; also they killed by sharpness of sword, oxen, sheep, and asses (and they killed by the sharpness of their swords, all the oxen, and the sheep, and the donkeys).

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