12 Else, if ye go back, and cleave unto the rest of these nations: that is, of them that remain with you, and shall [a]make marriages with them, and [b]go unto them, and they to you,

13 Know ye for certain, that the Lord your God will cast out no more of these nations from before you: (A)but they shall be a snare and destruction unto you, and a whip on your sides, and thorns in your [c]eyes, until ye perish out of this good land, which the Lord your God hath given you.

14 And behold, this day do I [d]enter into the way of all the world, and ye know in all your [e]hearts and in all your souls, that (B)nothing hath failed of all the good things which the Lord your God promised you, but all are come to pass unto you: nothing hath failed thereof.

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  1. Joshua 23:12 Or, be of their affinity.
  2. Joshua 23:12 Or, have conversation with them.
  3. Joshua 23:13 Meaning, they shall be a continual grief unto you, and so the cause of your destruction.
  4. Joshua 23:14 I die according to the course of nature.
  5. Joshua 23:14 Most certainly.