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Naphtali’s Tribal Lands

32 The sixth lot belonged to the tribe of Naphtali[a] by its clans. 33 Their border started at Heleph and the oak of Zaanannim, went to Adami Nekeb, Jabneel and on to Lakkum,[b] and ended at the Jordan River.[c] 34 It turned westward to Aznoth Tabor, extended from there to Hukok, touched Zebulun on the south, Asher on the west, and the Jordan[d] on the east.

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  1. Joshua 19:32 tn Heb “the sixth lot came out for the sons of Naphtali, for the sons of Naphtali.”
  2. Joshua 19:33 tn Heb “and their border was from Heleph, from the oak of Zaanannim, and Adami Nekeb, and Jabneel to Lakkum.”
  3. Joshua 19:33 tn The word “River” is not in the Hebrew text, but has been supplied for clarity.
  4. Joshua 19:34 tc The MT reads “Judah, the Jordan”; the LXX omits “Judah.” Perhaps there was a town named Judah, distinct from the tribe of Judah, located near the northern end of the Jordan.