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Naphtali’s Land

32-34 Naphtali was the sixth tribe chosen to receive land. The southern border for its clans started in the west, where the tribal lands of Asher and Zebulun meet near Hukkok. From that point it ran east and southeast along the border with Zebulun as far as Aznoth-Tabor. From there the border went east to Heleph, Adami-Nekeb, Jabneel,[a] then to the town called Oak in Zaanannim,[b] and Lakkum. The southern border ended at the Jordan River, at the edge of the town named Jehudah.[c] Naphtali shared a border with Asher on the west.

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  1. 19.32-34 Jabneel: This town is not the same Jabneel as in 15.11.
  2. 19.32-34 the town. . . Zaanannim: Or “the oak tree in the town of Zaanannim.”
  3. 19.32-34 at. . . Jehudah: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.