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(A)And they had for their inheritance Beersheba, Sheba, Moladah, Hazar-shual, Balah, Ezem, Eltolad, Bethul, Hormah, Ziklag, Beth-marcaboth, Hazar-susah, Beth-lebaoth, and Sharuhen—thirteen cities with their villages; Ain, Rimmon, Ether, and Ashan—four cities with their villages, together with all the villages round these cities as far as Baalath-beer, Ramah of the Negeb. This was the inheritance of the tribe of the people of Simeon according to their clans.

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It included:

Beersheba(A) (or Sheba),[a] Moladah,(B) Hazar Shual,(C) Balah, Ezem,(D) Eltolad,(E) Bethul, Hormah,(F) Ziklag,(G) Beth Markaboth, Hazar Susah, Beth Lebaoth and Sharuhen—thirteen towns and their villages;

Ain, Rimmon,(H) Ether and Ashan(I)—four towns and their villages— and all the villages around these towns as far as Baalath Beer (Ramah in the Negev).(J)

This was the inheritance of the tribe of the Simeonites, according to its clans.

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  1. Joshua 19:2 Or Beersheba, Sheba; 1 Chron. 4:28 does not have Sheba.