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The second area was the territory of Og king of Bashan, who was from a remnant of the Rephaim[a] and who lived in Ashtaroth and in Edrei. He was ruler in Mount Hermon, in Salekah, and in all Bashan up to the border of the Geshurites and the Ma’akathites,[b] and in half of Gilead as far south as the border of Sihon king of Heshbon.

Moses, the servant of the Lord, and the people of Israel struck them down. Moses, the servant of the Lord, gave this land east of the Jordan as a possession to the tribe of Reuben, to the tribe of Gad, and to the half tribe of Manasseh.

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  1. Joshua 12:4 Rephaim is the name of a group of people known for their great height. Og, as well as the strong warriors who fought David’s elite warriors (2 Samuel 21:16-20), were Rephaim. Goliath likely was also one of them. Their name seems to have come from a forefather named Rapha (2 Samuel 21:16). They seem to have been the earliest inhabitants of the land. By the time of the judges only a remnant of them was left. They were also known as Emim and Zamzummim.
  2. Joshua 12:5 The stop mark ′ indicates that the double a should be pronounced as two syllables, Ma-ak.