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Joshua 11:19-21 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

19 there was no city, which betook not itself to the sons of Israel, except (the) Hivites that dwelled in Gibeon; he took all (the other) men by battle. (there was no city which made peace with the Israelites, except the Hivites who lived in Gibeon; the Israelites took all the other cities in battle.)

20 For it was the sentence of the Lord, that the hearts of them should be made hard, and that they should fight against Israel, and should fall, and [they] should not deserve any mercy, and should perish (but should perish), as the Lord commanded, to Moses.

21 Joshua came in that time, and killed (the) Anakim, that is, (the) giants, from the hilly places of Hebron, and of Debir, and of Anab (from the hill country of Hebron, and Debir, and Anab), and from all the hill (country) of Judah, and of Israel, and did away their cities.


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