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26 After this, Joshua struck those kings[a] down, executing them, and hanged them on five gallows[b] until sunset. 27 When evening had come, Joshua gave a command to remove the bodies[c] from the gallows[d] and bury them in the cave where they had hidden. The army[e] sealed the mouth of the cave with large stones that remain there to this very day.

The Southern Campaign

28 Joshua captured Makkedah that very day, and attacked both it and its king with swords, utterly destroying it along with every person in it, leaving no survivors. He dealt with the king of Makkedah the same way he had dealt with the king of Jericho.

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  1. Joshua 10:26 Lit. struck them
  2. Joshua 10:26 Or trees
  3. Joshua 10:27 ;27 Lit. remove them
  4. Joshua 10:27 Or trees
  5. Joshua 10:27 Lit. They

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