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John 8:48 The Passion Translation (TPT)

48 “See! We were right all along!” some of the Jewish leaders shouted. “You’re nothing but a demon-possessed Samaritan!”[a]


  1. John 8:48 They are obviously scorning Jesus by calling him “a demon-possessed Samaritan.” The Jews despised their northern cousins, the Samaritans, for their ancestors had come from Assyria and occupied Israel’s lands. The three major groups in Israel at that time were Judeans (Jews), Galileans, and Samaritans. The Jerusalem Jews saw themselves as superior and more faithful to the God of the Hebrews than their northern neighbors. Jesus was a Galilean, having come from Nazareth. But Nazareth was part of the northern region looked down upon by the Jews. The Aramaic can be translated, “You’re a crazy Samaritan.”
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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