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Bound and Sentenced

19 Then Pilate took Yeshua and had Him scourged. The soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on His head, and dressed Him in a purple robe. They kept coming up to Him, saying, “Hail, King of the Jews!” and slapping Him over and over.

Pilate came out again. He said to them, “Look, I’m bringing Him out to you, to let you know that I find no case against Him.” So Yeshua came out, wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe. “Behold, the Man!” Pilate said to them.

When the ruling kohanim and officers saw Him, they yelled out, “Execute Him! Execute Him!”[a]

Pilate said to them, “Take Him yourselves and execute Him! For I don’t find a case against Him.”

The Judean leaders answered him, “We have a law,[b] and according to the Torah He must die, because He claimed to be Ben-Elohim!”

When Pilate heard this word, he became even more fearful. He went into the Praetorium again and said to Yeshua, “Where are You from?” But Yeshua gave him no answer. 10 So Pilate said to Him, “You aren’t speaking to me? Don’t You know that I have the authority to release You, and I have the authority to crucify You?”

11 Yeshua answered, “You would have no authority over Me if it hadn’t been given to you from above. For this reason, the one who handed Me over to you has the greater sin.”

12 Pilate tried to let Him go after this; but the Judean leaders cried out, saying, “If you release this Man, you are no friend of Caesar. Everyone who makes himself a king opposes Caesar!”

13 So when Pilate heard these words, he brought Yeshua out and sat down on the judge’s seat at a place called the Stone Pavement (but in Aramaic,[c] Gabbatha). 14 It was the Day of Preparation for Passover, about the sixth hour.[d] And Pilate said to the Judean leaders, “Behold, your king!”

15 They shouted back, “Take Him away! Take Him away! Execute Him!”

Pilate said to them, “Should I execute your king?”

The ruling kohanim answered, “We have no king but Caesar!”

16 Finally, Pilate handed Yeshua over to be crucified.

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  1. John 19:6 Lit. crucify or crucified in 19:6, 10, 15, 16, 18, 20, 23, 32, 41; a Roman method of execution.
  2. John 19:7 cf. Lev. 24:16
  3. John 19:13 Lit. in Hebrew.
  4. John 19:14 i.e. noon.