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John 12:1-5 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Mary Anoints Jesus

12 Six days before the Passover began, Jesus went back to Bethany, the town where he raised Lazarus from the dead. They had prepared a supper for Jesus.[a] Martha served, and Lazarus and Mary were among those at the table. Mary picked up an alabaster[b] jar filled with nearly a liter[c] of extremely rare and costly perfume—the purest extract of nard,[d] and she anointed Jesus’ feet. Then she wiped them dry with her long hair. And the fragrance of the costly oil filled the house.[e] But Judas the locksmith,[f] Simon’s son, the betrayer, spoke up and said, “What a waste! We could have sold this perfume for a fortune[g] and given the money to the poor!”


  1. John 12:2 We see from Mark 14:3 that this took place at the house of Simon, the leper Jesus had healed.
  2. John 12:3 As translated from the Aramaic.
  3. John 12:3 Or “nearly a pound.”
  4. John 12:3 Nard is an extremely expensive perfume taken from the root and spike of the nard plant found in northern India. See Song. 1:12; 4:13–14.
  5. John 12:3 This fragrance, usually associated with a king, was upon Jesus’ feet as he stood before his accusers and as the soldiers pierced his feet with a nail. It is possible they would all have smelled the fragrance of this costly perfume.
  6. John 12:4 Or “Iscariot,” a word related linguistically to “a lock” or “locksmith.” Judas apparently held the key to the lockbox of funds to support Jesus’ ministry. See John 6:71 and footnote.
  7. John 12:5 Or “three hundred silver coins (denarii),” which would be equal to a year’s salary.
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