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John 5 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus Make One Guy Come Good By One Water Place

Latas Jesus wen go Jerusalem, cuz da Jewish peopo get one spesho religious time. Inside Jerusalem get one big water place near da Gate fo da Sheeps. Get five lanai dea. Da peopo call um “Betzata” in da local language. Inside da lanai plenny sick peopo was lying down: blind peopo, peopo dat no can walk, an peopo dat no can move. [Dey stay waiting fo weneva da water move. Cuz you know, sometimes one angel guy from da Boss go down inside da water an make um move. Afta dat, da first guy dat go inside da water, he come good from wateva kine sick he get.]

Had one guy dea dat was sick thirty-eight years. Jesus see him lying dea. He know dat da guy stay sick long time awready. So he aks him, “You like come good?”

Da sick guy tell him, “Mista, I no mo nobody fo put me inside wen da water start fo move. Cuz wen I trying fo go inside, anodda guy go inside first.”

Jesus tell him, “Get up! Take yoa mat an walk!” Right den an dea da guy wen come good. He take his mat an wen walk.

Was da Rest Day wen dat wen happen. 10 So da Jewish leada guys tell da guy dat wen come good, “Eh, dis da Rest Day! Dass agains da Rules fo you fo carry yoa mat!”

11 He say, “Da guy dat wen make me come good, he tell me, ‘Take yoa mat an walk.’ ”

12 Dey aks him, “Who da guy dat wen tell you fo take yoa mat an walk?”

13 But da guy dat wen come good neva know who Jesus, cuz had plenny peopo dea, an Jesus wen throw da dig.

14 Bumbye Jesus wen find da guy inside da temple yard. He say, “Eh, you stay good now. No go do da bad kine stuff no moa, o mo worse ting goin happen to you.”

15 Den da guy go way an tell da Jewish leada guys dat was Jesus wen make him come good. 16 Dass why dem guys wen start fo make Jesus suffa, cuz he wen make da guy come good on da Rest Day.

17 So Jesus tell dem, “My Fadda still yet stay doing da kine good tings, an I do da same ting too.”

Godʼs Boy Get Da Right Fo Make Like God

18 Dass why da Jewish leada guys wen try mo hard fo kill him, cuz he wen broke da Rules bout da Rest Day. An even mo worse, he wen say dat God his own Fadda. Dat mean he wen make himself jalike God.

19 So Jesus tell dem, “You guys get um fo shua! An I tell you guys dis: I no can do notting by myself. I Godʼs Boy, an I ony do da stuff I see my Fadda doing. Wateva my Fadda do, dass wat I do. Same ting. 20 My Fadda get love an aloha fo me, his Boy. An he show me everyting dat he stay doing. He goin show me even mo betta tings den dis, an dat goin blow yoa minds! 21 My Fadda bring back da mahke guys an make um live. Same ting, me, cuz I his Boy, I can make anybody I like come back fo live again. 22 My Fadda not da judge fo nobody, but he wen make me da judge fo everybody, cuz I his Boy. I da one dat suppose to say if dey wen do good tings o bad tings. 23 My Fadda like everybody get respeck fo me, cuz I his Boy, jalike dey get respeck fo him. Whoeva no mo respeck fo me, cuz I his Boy, dey no mo respeck fo my Fadda dat wen send me.

24 “Dass right! An I tell you guys dis: Whoeva hear wat I say, an trus God who wen send me, dey get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva. God no goin punish dem. Dey no stay mahke no moa. Dey stay live now fo real kine. 25 An if you guys undastan dat, I like tell you guys dis too: I Godʼs Boy. Da time goin come, an awready stay hea now, wen da mahke guys goin hear wat I say. An da peopo who hear me, an listen to wat I say, dey goin live fo real kine. 26 Jalike my Fadda, he can make da peopo come alive fo real kine, same ting, cuz I his Boy he give me da power fo make um come alive too. 27 My Fadda wen give me da right fo be da judge fo everybody, cuz I his Boy, da Guy Dass Fo Real. 28 No let dis blow yoa minds, cuz da time goin come wen all da mahke guys goin hear my voice. 29 An dey goin come outa dea graves. Da peopo dat wen do da good kine stuff goin come back fo live again, an da peopo dat wen do da bad kine stuff goin come back fo get punish.

Da One Dat Tell Bout Jesus

30 “I no can do notting by myself. I da judge, but wen I say dey wen do good o bad, dat come from wat my Fadda tell me. Dass how come I can judge um right, cuz I not trying fo do wat I like, but ony wat my Fadda like. He da One who wen send me.

31 “If I da ony guy telling bout myself, dat not proof nuff dat wat I say stay true. 32 Get anodda One dat tell wat he know bout me. An I know dat everyting he tell bout me stay true. 33 You guys wen send messenja guys to John, an he wen tell everyting he know bout da trut bout me. 34 I no need peopo fo tell wat dey know bout me. But I telling dis stuff so dat you guys can come outa da bad kine stuff you stay doing. 35 Wat John wen say wen stay jalike one lamp dat stay shiny bright. Fo litto wile you guys wen like wat John wen say, cuz wen make you guys stay good inside.

36 But I get odda stuff dat tell bout me, an dass mo betta den wat John tell. Da Fadda give me stuff fo do, an I do um. Da tings I do show who me, an make proof dat da Fadda wen send me. 37 An da Fadda, who wen send me, he one nodda One dat tell wat he know bout me. But you guys neva hear him o see him. 38 You guys no mo wat God say inside you guys, cuz you guys no trus me, an I da guy he wen send. 39 You guys go check out da Bible everytime, cuz you guys tink you goin find da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva, inside da Bible from befo time. But wen da Bible talk bout how fo get da real kine life, dass me he talking bout. 40 An you guys, you no like come by me an be my guys so dat you guys can get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva.

41 “I no need peopo fo tell me I awesome. 42 But I know you guys. I know dat you guys no mo love an aloha fo God inside you. 43 I wen come to dis world cuz my Fadda wen give me da right fo come fo him. But you guys neva like trus me o listen to me. If anodda guy come by himself, jus cuz he like, you guys goin trus da guy. 44 You guys like talk good bout each odda, but you guys no do notting fo make God talk good bout you guys. He da ony God. Den how you guys goin trus him?

45 No tink I goin poin finga at you guys to da Fadda. But get one guy dat stay poining finga at you guys. Dass Moses, da guy you trus, cuz he wen give you guys Godʼs Rules. 46 But if you guys wen trus Moses fo real kine, den you guys wen trus me too, cuz he wen write bout me. 47 But you guys neva trus wat Moses wen write, so how you guys goin trus wat I say? No way!”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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