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John 19 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Army Guys Take Jesus

19 Den Governa Pilate tell his guys fo take Jesus an cut him up wit da whip. Da army guys wen twist togedda big kine thorn branches fo make one crown, an dey put um on top his head. Den dey put one purple kine robe on top him. An dey coming in front him, an tell, “Hui! King fo da Jews!” An dey slap his face wit dea hands.

Den Pilate go outside one mo time, an tell everybody, “Eh, look! I goin bring him outside fo you guys, so you guys can know dat I neva find notting wrong fo punish him.” Jesus wen come outside wit da crown a thorns on top his head an da purple robe. Den Pilate tell da peopo, “Look, da guy!”

Wen da main priest guys an da police guys see Jesus, dey make big noise, an dey yelling, “Kill him on top one cross! Kill him on top one cross!”

Pilate tell um, “You guys take him an kill um on top one cross! I no find notting wrong fo punish him.”

Da Jews tell Pilate, “Us guys get Rules from God, an da Rules say dis guy gotta mahke, cuz he wen go talk like he Godʼs Boy.”

Governa Pilate Talk To Jesus

Wen Governa Pilate hear wat dey wen tell um, he come mo scared. He go back inside da army headquarters an aks Jesus, “Eh, you! Wea you come from?” But Jesus neva say notting. 10 Den Pilate tell him, “You no like talk to me, o wat? Eh, you donno dat I get da right fo make dem kill you on top one cross, an I get da right fo let you go?”

11 Jesus tell, “Ony one way you get da right fo hurt me. Ony if God Up Dea Inside Da Sky let you do all dis, den you can. Dass why da guy who wen turn me ova to you, he do mo worse ting den you.”

12 From dat time, Pilate try fo let him go. But da Jews make big noise an yell, “If you let dis guy go, you not King Cesarʼs friend. If anybody make himself one king, he agains King Cesar.”

13 So, wen Pilate hear da tings dey saying, he bring Jesus outside, an he sit down on top da judge chair by da place dey call “Stone Pavemen Square,” an da Jews call um “Gabbata.”

Pilate Say Jesus Gotta Mahke

14 Was da Day Fo Make Ready Fo Da Passova. Bout noon time, Pilate tell da Jews, “Look now, yoa king!”

15 But dey make big noise an yell, “Take um away! Take um away! Kill um on top one cross!”

Pilate tell um, “Wot! You mean, yoa king, I gotta kill um?”

Da main priest guys tell, “Us guys, we no mo no odda king, ony King Cesar!” 16 Den Pilate turn ova Jesus fo da army guys kill um on top one cross.

Dey Wen Nail Jesus to One Cross

So dey take charge a Jesus, 17 an he wen carry his own cross outside da town, da place dey call “Da Skull Place,” an da Jews call um “Golgota,” dea language.

18 Ova dea dey wen nail Jesus to one cross. Same ting fo two odda guys, one on top one cross on da left side, da odda one on top one nodda cross on da right side, an Jesus inside da middle.

19 One nodda ting: Pilate wen tell da army guys fo make one sign an put um on top da cross. Da sign say,

“Jesus from Nazaret, da King Fo Da Jews.”

20 Dis sign, plenny Jews wen read um, cuz da place dey wen kill him stay near Jerusalem town. Da army guys wen write da sign in three language: Hebrew, Greek, an Latin. 21 Da Jewish main priest guys tell Pilate, “Eh, no write, ‘Da King Fo Da Jews’! Mo betta write, ‘Dis guy wen say, I da King fo da Jews’.”

22 Pilate tell um, “I wen tell my guys wat fo write, an dass how goin stay!”

23 Da army guys, afta dey wen nail Jesus to da cross, dey take his clotheses an make four piles. Was one pile fo every army guy. Had his robe too, dat neva have seam, cuz dey wen weave um from da top an all ova. 24 So dey say, “Mo betta no broke up da robe. We go throw da dice fo um, yeah? Fo find out who goin get um.” Dat was fo make happen jalike da Bible wen say from befo time: “Dey wen split my clotheses. An my robe, dey wen throw da dice fo um.”

So dass wat da army guys wen do.

Jesus Tell John Fo Take Care Jesus Mudda

25 Had Jesus mudda standing by da cross wit her sista, an Mary, Clopas wife, an Mary from Magdala. 26 Jesus wen see his mudda standing dea, wit one guy he wen teach, da one he get plenny love an aloha fo. (Dass was me, you know.) So Jesus tell his mudda, “Look, Ma, dis yoa boy now.” 27 Den Jesus tell me, “Look! Make like her yoa mudda now.” An I wen take her to my own place from dat time.

Jesus Mahke

28 Afta dat, Jesus wen know dat he wen pau do everyting he suppose to do. Den fo make come true everyting da Bible wen say befo time, he say, “I thirsty!” 29 Had one jug full a cheap wine ova dea. Dey fill up one sponge wit dat wine, put um on top one oregano branch, an put um up to his mout. 30 Wen Jesus wen suck da cheap wine he say, “Everyting pau awready!” An he wen bend down his head, an den let go his spirit.

Dey Stab Jesus

31 Was da Day Fo Make Everyting Ready Fo Da Passova. Da Jews neva like fo da mahke bodies fo stay on top da cross on da Rest Day. Dat Rest Day stay real spesho, so da leada guys wen go beg Pilate fo broke da guys legs fo kill um mo quick, so dey can take down da bodies. 32 Da army guys wen go dea. Da two guys dey wen kill um on top da odda crosses same time wit Jesus, dey wen broke da first guyʼs legs, an den da odda guyʼs legs. 33 But wen dey go by Jesus, dey see dat he mahke awready, so dey neva broke his legs. 34 But one army guy wen stab him wit his spear on da side, an blood an water come out. 35 (You know, one a da guys dat wen see all dat happen, dass me. I tell da tings I wen see, an I tell da trut. I know I telling true kine stuff, so you guys can trus wat I say.) 36 All dis wen happen jalike da Bible wen say befo time, “Dey no goin broke even one bone.” 37 An da Bible wen tell one nodda ting, “Dey goin look at him, da guy dey wen stab.”

Dey Bury Jesus

38 Had one guy, name Joseph from Arimatea. He wen like learn plenny from Jesus, but he neva tell nobody, cuz he scared da Jewish leada guys. He wen go aks Pilate fo let him take Jesus body, an Pilate let him. So he go an take away Jesus body. 39 Nicodemus, he go ova dea wit Joseph too. He da guy who befo time wen go by Jesus, nite time, fo talk to him. He wen bring aloe an myrrh, all mix up, bout hundred pounds, fo put on top Jesus body befo dey bury him. 40 Dey wen take Jesus body an wrap um up inside linen kine cloth wit da aloe an myrrh inside, cuz dass how da Jews bury da mahke guys.

41 Now da place dey wen kill Jesus, had one garden wit trees, an one new place fo bury dat da owna guy jus pau dig outa one cave, an dey neva put nobody inside dea yet. 42 Dass wea dey put Jesus, cuz was da Day Da Jews Make Ready Fo Da Passova, an dat place stay near.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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