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John 17:21-23 The Passion Translation (TPT)

21 I pray for them all to be joined together as one[a]
    even as you and I, Father, are joined together as one.
    I pray for them to become one with us[b]
    so that the world will recognize that you sent me.
22 For the very glory you have given to me I have given them
    so that they will be joined together as one
    and experience the same unity that we enjoy.[c]
23 You live fully in me and now I live fully in them
    so that they will experience perfect unity,[d]
    and the world will be convinced that you have sent me,
    for they will see that you love each one of them
    with the same passionate love that you have for me.


  1. John 17:21 Jesus prayed for the birth of the church, made up of Jewish and non-Jewish believers.
  2. John 17:21 Or “in us.”
  3. John 17:22 It is important to note that the key to unity among believers is experiencing the glory of God that Jesus has imparted to us. As one with God through faith in Christ, he shares his glory with us, since we are not “another,” but have been made one with the triune God through the blood of Jesus. See Isa. 42:8.
  4. John 17:23 The Aramaic is “shrink into one.” When we see Jesus in one another, our vaulted opinions of ourselves will shrink.
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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