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John 10 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Sheep Farma

10 Jesus say, “Dis fo shua wat I telling you guys: If get one place fo da sheeps, an somebody no go inside dea by da gate, but he go climb ova da wall one nodda place, dat guy ony like steal da sheeps. But da guy dat go inside by da gate, dass da guy dat take care da sheeps. Da guy dat watch da gate, he open um fo da sheep farma. Da sheeps hear da sheep farmaʼs voice wen he call dem by dea name, an den he take dem outside. Afta he take um outside, he go in front dem, an da sheeps go wit him, cuz dey know his voice. Dey no going wit one guy dat dey donno. Dey goin run away from dat guy, cuz dey donno dat guyʼs voice.”

Jesus wen teach dem dis story, but dey neva undastan wat he teaching dem.

Jesus Jalike One Good Kine Sheep Farma

Den Jesus tell um one mo time, “You guys wen undastan dat? Kay den, I like tell you guys dis too: I jalike da gate fo da sheeps. All da odda guys dat wen come befo me, dey jalike steala guys. But da sheeps neva listen to dem guys. I jalike da gate. If anybody trus me, God goin take um outa da bad kine stuff dey stay in, an let um go. Dass jalike dey goin go inside Godʼs place by me, da gate. An dey goin go wea eva dey like an find food fo eat. 10 Da steala guy, he ony come fo steal, kill, an bus up da place. But I wen come so da peopo can come alive inside, an live to da max.

11 “I jalike one good sheep farma, cuz da good kine sheep farma give himself fo mahke fo his sheeps.

12 “But if get one worka guy dey pay, den he not da sheep farma guy. He no own da sheeps. So wen he spock one wild wolf coming, he run away from da sheeps. Den da wolf grab da sheeps, an all da odda sheeps run all ova da place. 13 Da worka guy run away, cuz he ony working fo da money, an he no care fo da sheeps.

14 “I jalike one good sheep farma. I know my sheeps, an dey know me, 15 jalike my Fadda know me, an I know my Fadda. I give myself fo mahke fo my sheeps. 16 I get odda sheeps too, dat no come from dis place. I gotta go get dem too. Dey goin listen to my voice, an dey goin come togedda, an be one ohana wit one sheep farma.

17 “Dis why my Fadda get love an aloha fo me: cuz I goin give myself fo mahke so I can come back alive again. 18 Nobody goin make me go mahke, I like do um by myself. I get power fo give myself fo mahke, an fo come back alive. Dass wat my Fadda wen tell me fo do.”

19 One mo time da Jewish guys wen argue wit each odda cuz a wat Jesus wen say. 20 Plenny a dem guys wen say, “Eh! Da bugga get bad kine spirit in charge a him, an he pupule! How come you guys stay listen to him?”

21 But odda guys wen say, “Nah! One guy wit one bad kine spirit in charge a him no talk lidis! You tink one bad kine spirit can make one blind guy see? No way!”

Da Jewish Leada Guys No Trus Jesus

22 Was one spesho religious time. Dass wen da Jewish peopo rememba da time wen dea ancestas wen make da temple inside Jerusalem spesho fo God again. Was winta time. 23 Jesus was walking inside da temple yard wea da place dey call “Solomonʼs Lanai” stay. 24 Da Jewish leada guys wen come aroun him an tell him, “Eh, how long you goin make us guys wait? Tell us strait if you da Christ guy, da Spesho Guy From God!”

25 Jesus wen tell dem, “I wen tell you guys awready, but you guys no trus me. Da tings I stay doing cuz my Fadda wen give me da right fo do um, dat show who me. 26 But you guys no trus me, cuz you guys not my sheeps. 27 My sheeps, dey hear my voice. I know dem. An dey stick wit me. 28 I goin make dem live to da max foeva, an no mahke. An nobody can grab dem away from me. 29 My Fadda wen give dem to me. He get mo power den anybody. Dass why nobody can grab dem away from my Fadda. 30 Me an my Fadda, we stay one.”

31 Den one mo time da Jewish leada guys wen pick up stones fo throw um at Jesus fo kill him. 32 Den Jesus wen tell dem, “I wen show you guys plenny good tings dat I wen do fo my Fadda. Now, wat good ting you guys throw stones at me fo?” 33 Da Jewish leada guys tell him, “We throw stones at you cuz you talking stink God, not cuz you wen do good kine stuff. No matta you ony one guy jalike us, you stay make jalike you God!”

34 Jesus tell dem, “Eh, God wen say inside yoa own Rules, ‘I telling you guys, you guys gods.’ 35 Kay den. We know dat everyting da Bible say from befo time, stay true. So, if God wen call dem guys he talking to ‘gods,’ 36 how you guys can say dat I talking stink bout God, cuz I wen say dat I Godʼs Boy? Da Fadda wen say I spesho fo him, an he wen send me hea inside da world. 37 If I no stay doing wat my Fadda like me fo do, den you guys no need trus me. 38 But I stay doing wat my Fadda like me fo do. So, no matta you guys no trus me, trus da stuff I do. Den you guys can know an undastan dat my Fadda stay tight wit me, an I stay tight wit my Fadda.”

39 So one mo time dem guys wen try fo grab him, but he wen dig out.

40 Jesus wen go da odda side da Jordan River, wea John wen baptize first time. An he wen stay ova dea. 41 Plenny peopo wen go by Jesus. Dey say, “John neva do awesome stuff fo show who him, but everyting he wen say bout dis guy Jesus stay true!” 42 An plenny peopo wen go trus him ova dea.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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