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42 Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, · ho If ei · ho God theos were eimi your hymeis Father patēr, you would an love agapaō me egō, for gar I egō came exerchomai from ek · ho God theos and kai now I am here hēkō. I have erchomai not oude come erchomai on apo my emautou own , but alla he ekeinos sent apostellō me egō. 43 Why dia tis do you ginōskō not ou understand ginōskō the ho way I emos speak lalia? · ho It is because hoti you are unable ou to grasp akouō · ho my emos message logos. · ho 44 You hymeis belong eimi to ek your ho father patēr the ho devil diabolos, and kai your will is thelō to carry out poieō the ho desires epithumia of ho your hymeis father patēr. He ekeinos was eimi a murderer anthrōpoktonos from apo the beginning archē and kai never ou did stand stēkō in en the ho truth alētheia, because hoti there is eimi no ou truth alētheia in en him autos. When hotan he lies laleō, · ho he is giving expression laleō to ek · ho his idios own nature, for hoti he is eimi a liar pseustēs and kai the ho father patēr of lies autos.

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