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· kai After meta this houtos Jesus Iēsous traveled peripateō about · ho in en · ho Galilee Galilaia; he chose thelō not ou to remain peripateō in en · ho Judea Ioudaia, because hoti the ho Jews Ioudaios were seeking zēteō to kill apokteinō him autos. Now de the ho Jewish Ioudaios festival heortē of Tabernacles skēnopēgia was eimi near engys. · ho · ho So oun his autos brothers adelphos said legō to pros him autos, · ho You should leave metabainō here enteuthen and kai go hypagō to eis · ho Judea Ioudaia so hina that your sy disciples mathētēs also kai · ho may observe theōreō the ho works ergon that hos you are doing poieō. For gar no oudeis one acts poieō in en secret kryptos if kai he autos desires zēteō public recognition en. If ei you are doing poieō these houtos things , show phaneroō yourself seautou to the ho world kosmos.” ( You see gar, not oude even · ho his autos brothers adelphos had confidence pisteuō in eis him autos.) So oun Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, · ho · ho My emos time kairos · ho has not oupō yet come pareimi, · ho but de your hymeteros time kairos · ho is eimi always pantote here hetoimos. The ho world kosmos cannot ou dynamai hate miseō you hymeis, but de it hates miseō me egō because hoti I egō am bearing martyreō witness against peri it autos that hoti · ho its autos works ergon are eimi evil ponēros. You go anabainō up to eis the ho festival heortē yourselves hymeis; I egō am not ou going anabainō up to eis · ho this houtos festival heortē, for hoti · ho my emos time kairos has not oupō yet fully come plēroō.” Having said legō this houtos, · de he autos stayed menō behind in en · ho Galilee Galilaia.

10 However de, when hōs his autos brothers adelphos had gone anabainō up · ho to eis the ho festival heortē, then tote Jesus himself autos also kai went anabainō up , not ou openly phanerōs, but alla as hōs it were , in en private kryptos. 11 The ho Jews Ioudaios were looking zēteō for him autos at en the ho festival heortē, and kai saying legō, “ Where pou is eimi that ekeinos man ?” 12 And kai there was eimi a lot polys of secret gongysmos discussion about peri him autos among en the ho crowds ochlos; some ho were saying legō, “ He is eimi a good agathos man ,” but de others allos were saying legō, “ No ou, to the contrary alla, he is leading people ochlos astray planaō.” · ho 13 No oudeis one , however mentoi, was speaking laleō openly parrēsia about peri him autos for dia · ho fear phobos of the ho Jews Ioudaios.

14 About ēdē · de halfway through mesoō the ho festival heortē Jesus Iēsous went anabainō up to eis the ho temple hieron and kai began to teach didaskō. 15 The ho Jews Ioudaios were astonished thaumazō, and they asked legō, “ How pōs does oida this houtos man know oida the sacred letters gramma, having never studied manthanō?” 16 Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai, them autos, · ho · kai saying legō, · ho My emos teaching didachē is eimi not ou mine emos, but alla it comes from the ho one who sent pempō me egō. 17 If ean anyone tis is willing thelō to do poieō God’ s autos · ho will thelēma, he will know ginōskō about peri the ho teaching didachē, whether poteron it comes eimi from ek · ho God theos or ē whether I egō am speaking laleō on apo my emautou own authority. 18 The ho one who speaks laleō on apo his heautou own authority seeks zēteō · ho his own idios honor doxa; · ho but de the ho one who seeks zēteō the ho honor doxa of the ho one who sent pempō him autos is eimi truthful alēthēs, and kai in en him autos there is eimi nothing ou false adikia.

19  Has not ou Moses Mōysēs given didōmi you hymeis the ho law nomos? Yet kai not oudeis one of ek you hymeis keeps poieō the ho law nomos. Why tis are you trying zēteō to kill apokteinō me egō?” 20 The ho crowd ochlos answered apokrinomai, “ You have echō a demon daimonion! Who tis is trying zēteō to kill apokteinō you sy?” 21 Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai, · kai saying legō to them autos, “ I performed poieō one heis work ergon, and kai you are all pas astonished thaumazō. 22 For dia this houtos reason Moses Mōysēs gave didōmi you hymeis · ho circumcision peritomē not ou that hoti it is eimi from ek · ho Moses Mōysēs, but alla from ek the ho patriarchs patēr and kai you circumcise peritemnō a man anthrōpos on en the Sabbath sabbaton. 23 If ei a man anthrōpos receives lambanō circumcision peritomē on en the Sabbath sabbaton so hina that the ho law nomos of Moses Mōysēs may not be broken lyō, why are you angry cholaō with me egō because hoti I made poieō an entire holos man anthrōpos well hygiēs on en the Sabbath sabbaton? 24 Do not judge krinō according kata to appearance opsis, but alla judge krinō with ho proper dikaios judgment krisis.”

25 Then oun some tis of ek the ho people of Jerusalem Hierosolymitēs began to say legō, “ Is eimi not ou this houtos the man whom hos they are trying zēteō to kill apokteinō? 26 And kai look ide, he is speaking laleō boldly parrēsia and kai they are saying legō nothing oudeis to him autos. Is it possible mēpote that our ho rulers archōn know ginōskō for sure alēthōs that hoti this houtos man is eimi the ho Christ Christos? 27 Yet alla we know oida where this houtos man is eimi from pothen; when hotan the ho · de Christ Christos appears erchomai, no oudeis one will know ginōskō where pothen he is eimi from.” 28 Then oun Jesus Iēsous, as he was teaching didaskō in en the ho temple hieron, · ho cried out krazō, · kai saying legō, “ You know oida me kagō, and kai you know oida where pothen I am eimi from? · kai I have erchomai not ou come erchomai on apo my emautou own . But alla the ho one who sent pempō me egō is eimi true alēthinos, and him hos you hymeis do not ou know oida; 29 but I egō know oida him autos, because hoti I am eimi from para him autos and he kakeinos it is who sent apostellō me egō.” 30 So oun they were anxious zēteō to arrest piazō him autos, but kai no oudeis one laid epiballō a hand cheir on epi him autos, · ho because hoti his autos hour hōra had not oupō yet come erchomai. · ho 31 Yet de many polys of ek the ho crowd ochlos believed pisteuō in eis him autos, · kai saying legō, “ When hotan the ho Christ Christos comes erchomai, he will poieō not perform poieō more polys miraculous sēmeion signs than hos this houtos man has poieō, will he?”

32 The ho Pharisees Pharisaios heard akouō the ho crowd ochlos secretly discussing gongyzō these things houtos about peri Jesus autos, so kai the ho chief priests archiereus and kai Pharisees Pharisaios sent apostellō · ho temple hypēretēs guards to hina arrest piazō him autos. 33 Then oun Jesus Iēsous said legō, · ho I will be eimi with meta you hymeis for a little mikros while chronos longer eti, and kai then I am going hypagō back to pros the ho one who sent pempō me egō. 34 You will look zēteō for me egō, but kai you will not ou find heuriskō me egō; and kai where hopou I egō am eimi, you hymeis cannot ou dynamai go erchomai.” 35 Then oun the ho Jews Ioudaios said legō to pros one heautou another , “ Where pou is this houtos man about mellō to go poreuō that hoti we hēmeis will not ou find heuriskō him autos? Surely he is mellō not going mellō to go poreuō to eis our ho people dispersed diaspora among the ho Greeks Hellēn and kai teach didaskō the ho Greeks Hellēn, is he ? 36 What tis can it mean eimi, · ho this houtos saying logos of his hos: ‘ You will look zēteō for me egō but kai you will not ou find heuriskō me egō,’ and kai Where hopou I egō am eimi you hymeis cannot ou dynamai go erchomai’?”

37 On en · de the ho last eschatos day hēmera of the ho festival heortē, the ho great megas day, Jesus Iēsous stood histēmi · ho and kai cried krazō out , saying legō, “ If ean anyone tis is thirsty dipsaō, let him come erchomai to pros me egō and kai drink pinō. 38 The ho one who believes pisteuō in eis me egō, as kathōs the ho scripture graphē says legō, “ Out ek of ho his autos heart koilia will flow rheō rivers potamos of living zaō water hydōr.’” 39 Now de he said legō this houtos about peri the ho Spirit pneuma, which hos those ho who believed pisteuō in eis him autos were mellō to receive lambanō; for gar the Spirit pneuma was not oupō yet present eimi, because hoti Jesus Iēsous had not oudepō yet been glorified doxazō.

40 After hearing akouō these houtos words logos, some of ek the ho crowd ochlos · ho began to say legō, “ This houtos man really alēthōs is eimi the ho prophet prophētēs.” 41 Others allos were saying legō, “ This houtos man is eimi the ho Christ Christos.” But de others ho were saying legō, “ Surely the ho Christ Christos does erchomai not come erchomai from ek · ho Galilee Galilaia, does he ? 42 Has not ou the ho scripture graphē said legō that hoti the ho Christ Christos will be a ho descendant sperma of David Dauid and kai come erchomai from apo Bethlehem Bēthleem, the ho village kōmē where hopou David Dauid was eimi born?” 43 So oun there was ginomai a division schisma among en the ho people ochlos because dia of him autos. 44 Some tis · de of ek them autos wanted thelō to arrest piazō him autos, but alla no oudeis one laid epiballō a hand cheir on epi him autos. · ho

45 Then oun the ho temple guards hypēretēs went erchomai back to pros the ho chief archiereus priests and kai Pharisees Pharisaios, · kai who ekeinos said legō to them autos, “ Why dia tis did you not ou bring agō him autos?” 46 The ho guards hypēretēs answered apokrinomai, “ Never oudepote has a man spoken laleō like houtōs this man anthrōpos!” 47 The ho Pharisees Pharisaios responded apokrinomai to them autos, “ Surely you hymeis have planaō not been deceived planaō as kai well , have you ? 48 None mē tis of ek the ho rulers archōn or ē the ho Pharisees Pharisaios have believed pisteuō in eis him autos, have they? 49 As alla for · ho this houtos mob ochlos that ho does not know ginōskō the ho law nomos they are eimi accursed eparatos!” 50 Nicodemus Nikodēmos ( he ho who had earlier proteros come erchomai to pros Jesus autos), · ho being eimi one heis of ek their autos number, put this question legō to pros them autos: 51  Surely our hēmeis law nomos does not · ho judge krinō a ho man anthrōpos unless ean mē it first prōton hears akouō from para him autos and kai finds ginōskō out what tis he is doing poieō, does it?” 52 They replied apokrinomai · kai to him autos, saying legō, “ You sy too kai are eimi not from ek · ho Galilee Galilaia, are you? Search eraunaō and kai you will see ide that hoti no ou prophet prophētēs will arise egeirō from ek · ho Galilee Galilaia.”

53 Then kai each one hekastos went poreuō to eis · ho his own autos house oikos,

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