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17 For gar God theos did not ou send apostellō · ho his ho Son hyios into eis the ho world kosmos to hina condemn krinō the ho world kosmos, but alla so hina that the ho world kosmos might be saved sōzō through dia him autos. 18 The ho one who believes pisteuō in eis him autos is not ou condemned krinō, but de the ho one who does not believe pisteuō is condemned krinō already ēdē, because hoti he has not believed pisteuō in eis the ho name onoma of ho God’ s theos one monogenēs and only Son hyios. · ho 19 And de the ho basis for judging krisis is eimi this houtos, that hoti · ho light phōs has come erchomai into eis the ho world kosmos and kai people anthrōpos love agapaō · ho darkness skotos rather mallon than ē · ho · ho light phōs, because gar their autos deeds ergon are eimi evil ponēros. · ho

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