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13 Jesus comes and takes the bread and gives it to them, and the fish likewise. 14 This is now the third[a] time Jesus was manifested to the disciples after having arisen from the dead.

At Breakfast, Jesus Restores Peter. Do You Love Me? Feed My Sheep

15 Then when they ate-breakfast, Jesus says to Simon Peter, “Simon, son of John, do you devotedly-love[b] Me more than these[c]?” He says to Him, “Yes, Lord. You know that I affectionately-love You”. He says to him, “Be feeding My lambs”.

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  1. John 21:14 That is, the third mentioned by John, the others being in 20:19 and 26.
  2. John 21:15 devotedly-love... affectionately-love. Or, simply ‘love’ in both cases, if no distinction is intended between the two words (agapao and phileo).
  3. John 21:15 That is, these other disciples, since Peter had said ‘Though all fall, I will not’ (Mt 26:33; Mk 14:29); or, these fish; your former life.

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