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16 Jesus Iēsous said legō to her autos, “ Mary Mariam!” She ekeinos turned strephō and said legō to him autos in Hebrew Hebraisti, “ Rabbouni rhabbouni!” ( which hos means legō Teacher didaskalos”). 17 Jesus Iēsous said legō to her autos, “ Do haptō not hold on to haptō me egō, for gar I have not oupō yet ascended anabainō to pros the ho Father patēr. But de go poreuō to pros · ho my egō brothers adelphos and kai say legō to them autos, ‘ I am ascending anabainō to pros · ho my egō Father patēr and kai your hymeis Father patēr, · kai to my egō God theos and kai your hymeis God theos.’” 18 Mary Mariam Magdalene Magdalēnē went erchomai · ho and reported angellō to the ho disciples mathētēs, “ I have seen horaō the ho Master kyrios!” and kai she told them that he had said legō these houtos things to her autos.

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