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John 19:38-40 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Jesus Is Buried

38 ·Later [L After these things], Joseph from Arimathea asked Pilate if he could take the body of Jesus. (Joseph was a secret ·follower [disciple] of Jesus, because he was afraid of ·some of the leaders [the Jewish leaders; L the Jews].) Pilate gave his permission, so Joseph came and took Jesus’ body away. 39 Nicodemus, who earlier had come to Jesus at night [3:1–15; 7:50–52], went with Joseph. He brought about seventy-five pounds [C Greek: a hundred litrai; a litra was about 12 ounces] of [a mixture of] myrrh and aloes [C used to cover a decomposing body to prevent the stench]. 40 These two men took Jesus’ body and wrapped it with the spices in pieces of linen cloth, ·which is how they bury the dead [L according to the burial custom of the Jews].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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