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Pilate Hesitates Again, But Condemns Jesus

13 Therefore Pilate, having heard these words, brought Jesus outside, and sat on a judgment-seat in a place being called ‘The Pavement’ (but in Hebrew, ‘Gabbatha’). 14 Now it was Preparation[a] day of the Passover [Feast][b]. The hour was about the sixth[c]. And he says to the Jews, “Look— your King!” 15 Then those ones shouted, “Take Him away, take Him away, crucify Him!” Pilate says to them, “Shall I crucify your King?” The chief priests answered, “We do not have a king except Caesar”.

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  1. John 19:14 That is, preparation for the Sabbath. It was Friday.
  2. John 19:14 Or, [meal].
  3. John 19:14 That is, noon, Jewish time; or, 6 a.m. Roman time.