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20 “It is not ou only monon for peri these houtos · de that I am interceding erōtaō, but alla also kai for peri those ho who will come to believe pisteuō in eis me egō through dia · ho their autos word logos, 21 that hina they may eimi all pas be eimi one heis, just kathōs as you sy, Father patēr, are in en me egō and kagō I am in en you sy, that hina they autos also kai may be eimi in en us hēmeis, so hina that the ho world kosmos may believe pisteuō that hoti you sy have sent apostellō me egō. 22 And kagō the ho glory doxa that hos you have given didōmi me egō I have given didōmi them autos, so hina that they may be eimi one heis just kathōs as we hēmeis are one heis, 23 I egō in en them autos and kai you sy in en me egō, that hina they may be eimi completely teleioō one heis, so hina that the ho world kosmos may know ginōskō that hoti you sy sent apostellō me egō, and kai that you love agapaō them autos even kathōs as you love agapaō me egō.

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