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24 The ho one who does not love agapaō me egō does tēreō not ou keep tēreō · ho my egō words logos; and kai the ho word logos that hos you are hearing akouō is eimi not ou mine emos, but alla the ho Father’ s patēr who sent pempō me egō.

25  These houtos things I have spoken laleō to you hymeis while I am still menō with para you hymeis. 26 But de the ho Paraclete paraklētos, the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, · ho whom hos the ho Father patēr will send pempō in en · ho my egō name onoma, will instruct didaskō you hymeis regarding all pas things , and kai cause you hymeis to remember hypomimnēskō everything pas that hos I egō have told legō you hymeis.

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