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33 Little teknion children , I am eimi with meta you hymeis only eti a little mikros longer . You will look zēteō for me egō; and kai just kathōs as I told legō the ho Jews Ioudaios, ‘ Where hopou I egō am going hypagō, you hymeis cannot ou dynamai come erchomai,’ so now arti I say legō to you hymeis also kai. 34 A new kainos commandment entolē I give didōmi to you hymeis: Love agapaō one allēlōn another . Just kathōs as I have loved agapaō you hymeis, you hymeis also kai must love agapaō one allēlōn another . 35 By en this houtos all people pas will know ginōskō that hoti you are eimi my emos disciples mathētēs, if ean you have echō love agapē for en one allēlōn another .”

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