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12 · ho Six hex days hēmera before pro the ho Passover pascha, Jesus Iēsous came erchomai to eis Bethany Bēthania, where hopou Lazarus Lazaros was eimi, whom hos he Iēsous had raised egeirō from ek the dead nekros. So oun they made poieō a dinner deipnon for him autos there ekei. · kai · ho Martha Martha was serving diakoneō, · ho and de Lazarus Lazaros was eimi one heis of ek those ho reclining anakeimai at the table with syn him autos. · ho Mary Mariam took lambanō more than a pint litra of expensive polytimos perfume myron made of pure pistikos nard nardos and anointed aleiphō the ho feet pous of ho Jesus Iēsous and kai dried ekmassō them with ho her autos hair thrix. The ho · de house oikia was filled plēroō with ek the ho fragrance osmē of the ho perfume myron. But de Judas Ioudas · ho Iscariot Iskariōtēs, one heis of ek · ho his autos disciples mathētēs ( the ho one who would mellō betray paradidōmi him autos) said legō, Why dia tis was not ou this houtos · ho perfume myron sold pipraskō for three triakosioi hundred denarii dēnarion and kai the money given didōmi to the poor ptōchos?” He said legō · de this houtos, not ou because hoti he autos was concerned melei about peri the ho poor ptōchos, but alla because hoti he was eimi a thief kleptēs, and kai as keeper of echō the ho money glōssokomon box , he used to help himself to bastazō what ho was put ballō into it. Jesus Iēsous therefore oun said legō, · ho Leave aphiēmi her autos alone. She had to keep tēreō this perfume autos for eis the ho day hēmera of ho my egō burial entaphiasmos. For gar you will echō always pantote have echō the ho poor ptōchos with meta you heautou, but de you will echō not ou always pantote have echō me egō.”

When a large polys crowd ochlos of ek the ho Jews Ioudaios learned ginōskō that hoti Jesus was eimi there ekei, · kai they came erchomai, not ou only monon on account dia of · ho Jesus Iēsous but alla also kai that hina they might see · ho Lazarus Lazaros whom hos he had raised egeirō from ek the dead nekros. 10 So de the ho chief priests archiereus made plans bouleuō to hina put apokteinō Lazarus Lazaros to death apokteinō as kai well , · ho 11 because hoti on account of dia him autos many polys of the ho Jews Ioudaios were going hypagō over to eis Jesus Iēsous and kai putting pisteuō their faith in him. · ho

12 The ho next epaurion day the ho large polys crowd ochlos that ho had come erchomai to eis the ho festival heortē, on hearing akouō that hoti Jesus Iēsous was coming erchomai · ho to eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma, 13 took lambanō · ho branches baion of ho palm phoinix trees and kai went exerchomai out to eis meet hypantēsis him autos. · kai They began to cry kraugazō out , “ Hosanna hōsanna! Blessed eulogeō in en the name onoma of the Lord kyrios is the ho coming erchomai one , even kai the ho king basileus of ho Israel Israēl!” 14 And de Jesus Iēsous found heuriskō · ho a young onarion donkey and sat kathizō on epi it autos; as kathōs it is eimi written graphō, 15  Do not be afraid phobeomai, daughter thugatēr of Zion Siōn; behold idou, · ho your sy king basileus is coming erchomai, seated kathēmai on epi a donkey’ s onos colt pōlos!” 16 His autos disciples mathētēs did ginōskō not ou understand ginōskō these houtos things · ho · ho at first prōton, but alla when hote Jesus Iēsous was glorified doxazō, then tote they remembered mimnēskomai that hoti these houtos things had been eimi written graphō about epi him autos, and kai that they had done poieō these houtos things to him autos. 17 The ho crowd ochlos that ho had been eimi with meta him autos when hote he called phōneō · ho Lazarus Lazaros out ek of the ho tomb mnēmeion and kai raised egeirō him autos from ek the dead nekros continued to bear witness martyreō. 18 For dia this houtos reason the ho crowd ochlos went to meet hypantaō him autos, that is, because hoti they heard akouō he autos had performed poieō this houtos · ho sign sēmeion. 19 The ho Pharisees Pharisaios therefore oun said legō to pros one heautou another , “ You see theōreō, you are accomplishing ōpheleō nothing oudeis. Look ide, the ho world kosmos has gone aperchomai after opisō him autos!”

20 Now de there were eimi some tis Greeks Hellēn among ek those ho who went anabainō up to hina worship proskyneō at en the ho festival heortē. 21 So oun these houtos came proserchomai to Philip Philippos, who ho was from apo Bethsaida Bēthsaida in ho Galilee Galilaia, and kai asked erōtaō him autos, saying legō, “ Sir kyrios, we would like thelō to see · ho Jesus Iēsous.” 22 Philip Philippos went erchomai · ho and kai told legō · ho Andrew Andreas; Andrew Andreas and kai Philip Philippos went erchomai and kai told legō · ho Jesus Iēsous. 23 · ho And de Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai them autos, saying legō, “ The ho hour hōra has come erchomai for hina the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos to be glorified doxazō. 24 I tell legō you hymeis the solemn truth amēn, unless ean mē a ho kernel kokkos of ho wheat sitos falls piptō into eis the ho ground and dies apothnēskō, it autos remains menō a single monos kernel; but de if ean it dies apothnēskō it produces pherō a great polys harvest karpos. 25 The ho one who loves phileō · ho his autos life psychē loses apollymi it autos, and kai the ho one who hates miseō · ho his autos life psychē in en · ho this houtos world kosmos preserves phylassō it autos for eis eternal aiōnios life zōē. 26 If ean anyone tis would serve diakoneō me egō, he must follow akoloutheō me egō; and kai where hopou I egō am eimi, my emos servant diakonos will be eimi there ekei also kai. · ho · ho If ean anyone tis would serve diakoneō me egō, the ho Father patēr will honor timaō him autos.

27  Now nyn is · ho my egō heart psychē deeply troubled tarassō. And kai what tis am I to say legō? ‘ Father patēr, deliver sōzō me egō from ek · ho this houtos hour hōra’? But alla for dia this houtos very purpose I have come erchomai to eis · ho this houtos hour hōra! 28 Father patēr, glorify doxazō your sy · ho name onoma.” Then oun a voice phōnē came erchomai from ek · ho heaven ouranos: · kai I have glorified doxazō it, and kai I will glorify doxazō it again palin.” 29 The ho crowd ochlos that ho was standing histēmi there and kai had heard akouō the voice said legō that it was ginomai thunder brontē; others allos said legō, “An angel angelos has spoken laleō to him autos.” 30 Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai, · kai saying legō, “ This houtos voice phōnē was ginomai not ou for dia my egō benefit, · ho but alla for dia yours hymeis.

31  Now nyn is eimi the judgment krisis of ho this houtos world kosmos; now nyn will the ho ruler archōn of ho this houtos world kosmos be driven ekballō out exō. 32 And kagō I , when ean I am lifted hypsoō up from ek the ho earth , will draw all pas people to pros myself emautou.” 33 He said legō this houtos · de to signify sēmainō the kind poios of death thanatos he was going mellō to die apothnēskō. 34 The ho crowd ochlos responded apokrinomai, “ We hēmeis have heard akouō from ek the ho law nomos that hoti the ho Christ Christos is to remain menō for eis all ho time aiōn; so kai how pōs is it that you sy are saying legō that hoti the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos must dei be lifted hypsoō up ? Who tis is eimi this houtos · ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos?” 35 Then oun Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, · ho The ho light phōs will be eimi with en you hymeis for yet eti a little mikros while chronos. Keep walking peripateō while hōs you have echō the ho light phōs, so hina that the darkness skotia will katalambanō not overtake katalambanō you hymeis. · kai The ho one who walks peripateō in en the ho darkness skotia does not ou know oida where pou he is going hypagō. 36 While hōs you have echō the ho light phōs, believe pisteuō in eis the ho light phōs, so hina that you may become ginomai sons hyios of light phōs.” When Jesus Iēsous said laleō these houtos things , · kai he went aperchomai away and hid kryptō himself from apo them autos.

37 Though poieō he autos had done poieō such tosoutos great · de signs sēmeion in their autos presence emprosthen, they continued in their unbelief ou toward eis him autos, 38 that hina the ho word logos spoken legō by the ho prophet prophētēs Isaiah ēsaias might be fulfilled plēroō: “ Lord kyrios, who tis has believed pisteuō what ho they heard akoē from us hēmeis, and kai to whom tis has the ho arm brachiōn of the Lord kyrios been revealed apokalyptō?” 39 The reason why dia they could dynamai not ou believe pisteuō was that hoti in another palin place Isaiah ēsaias said legō, 40  He has blinded typhloō their autos · ho eyes ophthalmos and kai hardened pōroō their autos · ho heart kardia, lest hina mē they should see with their ho eyes ophthalmos, and kai perceive noeō with their ho heart kardia, and kai turn strephō, and kai I would heal iaomai them autos.” 41 Isaiah ēsaias said legō these houtos things because hoti he saw · ho Christ’ s autos glory doxa and kai spoke laleō of peri him autos. 42 Nevertheless homōs mentoi, many polys even kai of ek the ho authorities archōn believed pisteuō in eis him autos, but alla for fear dia of the ho Pharisees Pharisaios they would not ou confess homologeō it openly , lest hina mē they be ginomai expelled from the synagogue aposynagōgos. 43 For gar they loved agapaō the ho praise doxa of ho men anthrōpos more mallon than ēper the ho praise doxa of ho God theos.

44 Then de Jesus Iēsous cried krazō out , · kai saying legō, “ The ho one who believes pisteuō in eis me egō believes pisteuō not ou only in eis me egō but alla in eis the ho one who sent pempō me egō. 45 And kai the ho one who sees theōreō me egō sees theōreō the ho one who sent pempō me egō. 46 I egō have come erchomai into eis the ho world kosmos as light phōs, so hina that everyone pas who ho believes pisteuō in eis me egō should menō not remain menō in en · ho darkness skotia. 47 · kai If ean anyone tis hears akouō my egō · ho words rhēma and kai does not keep phylassō them, I egō am not ou the one who will judge krinō him autos; for gar I did not ou come erchomai to hina judge krinō the ho world kosmos but alla to hina save sōzō the ho world kosmos. 48 The ho one who rejects atheteō me egō and kai does not receive lambanō · ho my egō sayings rhēma has echō a ho judge krinō; the ho word logos that hos I have spoken laleō will judge krinō him autos at en the ho last eschatos day hēmera. 49 For hoti I egō have laleō not ou spoken laleō on ek my emautou own authority, but alla the ho Father patēr who sent pempō me egō has entolē himself autos commanded entolē me egō what tis to say legō and kai what tis to speak laleō. 50 And kai I know oida that hoti · ho his autos command entolē is eimi eternal aiōnios life zōē. So oun whatever hos I egō say laleō, I speak laleō just kathōs as the ho Father patēr has told legō me egō.”

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