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18 [a]On that day
    the mountains will drip new wine,
    and the hills flow with milk,
All the streams of Judah
    will flow with water.
A spring will rise from the house of the Lord,
    watering the Valley of Shittim.(A)

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  1. 4:18 Images of agricultural abundance illustrate the harmony and order Joel expects the Lord to establish in Judah; like 2:18–27, this section reverses the deprivation and drought of chap. 1. A spring…house of the Lord: streams of water flowing from the Temple of an ideal Jerusalem also appear in Ez 47:1. The Valley of Shittim: or “the ravine of the acacia trees”; while there is a Shittim east of the Jordan, the reference here is probably to that rocky part of the Kidron Valley southeast of Jerusalem, an arid region where acacia trees flourished.

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