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16 From the heart of Jerusalem
the Lord roars like a lion,
    shaking the earth and sky.
But the Lord is a fortress,
a place of safety
    for his people Israel.

God Will Bless His People

17 I am the Lord your God.
And you will know I live on Zion,
    my sacred hill,
because Jerusalem will be sacred,
    untouched by foreign troops.
18 On that day, fruitful vineyards
    will cover the mountains.
And your cattle and goats
that graze on the hills
    will produce a lot of milk.
Streams in Judah
    will never run dry;
a stream from my house
    will flow in Acacia Valley.[a]

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  1. 3.18 Acacia Valley: In the plains of Moab, northeast of the Dead Sea.

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