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14 Perhaps he will again relent
    and leave behind a blessing,[a]
Grain offering and libation
    for the Lord, your God.(A)
15 Blow the horn in Zion!
    Proclaim a fast,
    call an assembly!(B)
16 Gather the people,
    sanctify the congregation;
Assemble the elderly;
    gather the children,
    even infants nursing at the breast;
Let the bridegroom leave his room,
    and the bride[b] her bridal tent.

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  1. 2:14 Blessing: the rain that makes possible the grapes and grain (v. 19) that workers will process into Temple offerings.
  2. 2:16 Elderly…infants…bridegroom…bride: Jerusalem is in such great danger that even those normally excused from fasting or working are called upon to participate in activities to ward off the imminent catastrophe.