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The Warning of God

“Sound the ram’s horn in Zion!
Sound an alarm on my holy mountain!
Tremble, all of you[a] inhabitants of the land,
because the Day of the Lord is coming.
        Oh, how near it is!
A day of doom and gloom,
    a day of clouds and shadows[b]
like the dawn spreads out to cover the mountains—
    a people strong and robust.
Never has there been anything like it,
    neither will anything follow to compare with[c] it,
        even through the lifetime of generation upon generation.”[d]

Joel’s Description of the Approaching Army

“A fire blazes in their presence,
    and behind them a conflagration rages.
Before they come, the land is like the garden in Eden;
    after they leave, there is only a barren wasteland.
        Indeed, nothing escapes them.

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  1. Joel 2:1 The Heb. lacks of you
  2. Joel 2:2 Cf. Zeph 1:15b
  3. Joel 2:2 The Heb. lacks to compare with
  4. Joel 2:2 Lit. the years of generation and generation