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·Cry [Lament; Wail] as a young woman ·cries [L clothed in sackcloth]
    ·when the man she was going to marry has died [L for the husband/or betrothed of her youth].
·There will be no more grain or drink offerings
    to offer in [L The grain/gift/tribute (Lev. 2:1) and drink offerings are cut off from] the ·Temple [L house] of the Lord.
Because of this, the priests,
    the servants of the Lord, are ·sad [in mourning].
10 The fields are ·ruined [destroyed];
    the ground ·is dried up [or mourns].
·The [L …because the] grain is destroyed,
    the new wine is dried up,
    and the olive oil ·runs out [fails].

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