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A Call to Mourning

“Wake up, you drunkards!
    Cry aloud and howl, you wine drinkers,
        because your supply of new wine has been snatched from you.[a]
Indeed, a nation has invaded my land—
    it is strong and its population is too large to count[b]
with teeth like a lion
    and fangs[c] like a lioness.
That nation[d] laid waste my vines,
    and stripped bare my fig tree,
        discarding it.
It stripped off[e] its bark.

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  1. Joel 1:5 Lit. from your lips
  2. Joel 1:6 Lit. and innumerable
  3. Joel 1:6 Or jaws
  4. Joel 1:7 Lit. It
  5. Joel 1:7 Lit. made white