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Drunks, wake up and ·cry [weep]!
    All you ·people who drink wine [wine-drinkers], ·cry [wail]!
Cry because your ·wine [sweet/new wine]
    has been ·taken away [snatched; L cut off] from your mouths.
A ·powerful [mighty] nation has ·come into [invaded; come up against] my land
    ·with too many soldiers to count [L without number].
It has teeth like a lion,
    ·jaws [fangs] like a ·female lion [lioness].
It has made my grapevine a waste
    and made my fig tree ·a stump [or splintered].
It has ·stripped all [L stripped and thrown away] the bark off my trees
    and left the branches white.

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