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Job 24 New Life Version (NLV)

Job Keeps On Talking

24 “Why are times for judging not set up by the All-powerful? And why do those who know Him not see these days? Some take away the land-marks and take fields and animals. They drive away the donkeys that belong to those who have no parents. They take the bull that belongs to a woman whose husband has died, as a promise that she will pay what she owes. They push poor people off the road. All the poor of the land are made to hide themselves. See, they go out like wild donkeys in the desert to look for food for their children. They gather food in the fields, and gather what they can that is left from the grape-fields owned by the sinful. They lie all night without clothing, and have no covering in the cold. They are wet with the mountain rains and stay close to the rocks for cover. Others take from the breast the child who has no father. They take the child from the poor as a promise that they will pay what they owe. 10 They make the poor go about without clothing, making them carry loads of cut grain while they are hungry. 11 Among the olive trees they make oil. They crush grapes but they are thirsty. 12 Men from the city cry inside themselves. The souls of those who are hurt cry out. Yet God does not listen to their prayer.

13 “Then there are those who turn against the light. They do not want to know its ways or stay in its paths. 14 The one who kills people gets up early in the morning. He kills the poor and those in need. And during the night he is like a robber. 15 The eye of the one who is not faithful in marriage waits for the evening, saying, ‘No one will see me.’ And he covers his face. 16 In the dark they dig into houses. They shut themselves up during the day and do not know the light. 17 For midnight is morning to them. They are not afraid of the fears of darkness.

18 “They are taken away on the top of the waters. Their part of the earth is cursed. They do not go to their grape-fields. 19 Dry weather and heat take away the water from the snow, just as the place of the dead takes away those who have sinned. 20 A mother will forget him. The worm is pleased to eat him until he is remembered no more. Sin will be broken like a tree. 21 He does wrong to the woman who cannot give birth. And he does no good for the woman whose husband has died. 22 But God by His power gives long life to the strong. They rise again, even when they had no hope of life. 23 He makes them safe and gives them strength, and His eyes are on their ways. 24 They are given honor for a little while, and then they are gone. They are brought low and gathered up as all others are. They are cut off like the heads of grain. 25 If it is not so, who can prove me a liar, and show that what I say means nothing?”

New Life Version (NLV)

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