21 Terrifying sounds fill his ears;(A)
    when all seems well, marauders attack him.(B)
22 He despairs of escaping the realm of darkness;(C)
    he is marked for the sword.(D)
23 He wanders about(E) for food like a vulture;(F)
    he knows the day of darkness(G) is at hand.(H)
24 Distress and anguish(I) fill him with terror;(J)
    troubles overwhelm him, like a king(K) poised to attack,

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26     total darkness(A) lies in wait for his treasures.
A fire(B) unfanned will consume him(C)
    and devour what is left in his tent.(D)
27 The heavens will expose his guilt;
    the earth will rise up against him.(E)
28 A flood will carry off his house,(F)
    rushing waters[a] on the day of God’s wrath.(G)

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  1. Job 20:28 Or The possessions in his house will be carried off, / washed away

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