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And Job answered, and said,

I would (I wish), that my sins, by which I have deserved the wrath of God, and the wretchedness which I suffer, were weighed in a balance.

As the gravel of the sea, this wretchedness should appear more grievous; wherefore and my words be full of sorrow. (For this wretchedness of mine, would weigh more than all the sand of the sea; and so my words be full of sorrow.)

For (now) the arrows of the Lord be in me, the indignation of which drinketh up my spirit; and the dreads of the Lord fight against me (and the terrors from the Lord fight against me).

Whether a field ass shall roar, when he hath grass? Either whether an ox shall low, when he standeth before a full cratch? (Will a donkey bray, when he hath grass? Or shall an ox low, when he standeth before a full feed box?)

Either whether a thing unsavory may be eaten, which is not made savory by salt? (Or can an unsavory thing be eaten, which is not first made savory with salt?) Either whether any man may taste a thing, which (once) tasted bringeth death? For why to an hungry soul, yea, bitter things seem to be sweet;

those things which my soul would not touch before, be now my meats for anguish. (those things which I enjoyed before, now be the foods which make me sick.)

Who giveth, or granteth, that mine asking come to me; and that God give to me that thing, that I abide? (and that God give me that thing, that I wait for?)

And he that hath begun to punish, all-break he me; loose he his hand, and cut he me down? (And he who hath begun to punish me, now all-break he me; let him loose his hand, and cut me down!)

10 And this be comfort to me, that he torment me with sorrow, and spare not, and that I against-say not the words of the Holy. (And this be my comfort, that though he torment me with sorrow, and spare me not, I have not said anything against the words of the Holy One.)

11 For what is my strength, that I suffer? either which is mine end, that I suffer it patiently? (For what is my strength, so that I can endure? and what is my end, so that I can endure it patiently?)

12 Neither my strength is the strength of stones, neither my flesh is of brass. (Neither my strength is like the strength of stones, nor my flesh is like that of bronze.)

13 Lo! none help is to me in me (Lo! there is no help for me in me); and also my necessary friends (have) parted from me.

14 He that taketh away mercy from his friend, forsaketh the dread of the Lord. (He who taketh away love from his friend, forgetteth the fear of the Lord/abandoneth reverence for the Lord.)

15 My brethren passed from me, as a strand doeth, that passeth (by) rushingly in great valleys. (My brothers, that is, my kinsmen, have passed by me, like a stream doeth, which rusheth through great valleys.)

16 Snow shall come upon them, that dread frost.

17 In the time wherein they be scattered, they shall perish; and when they shall wax hot, they shall be loosed from their place.

18 The paths of their steps be (en)wrapped; they shall go in vain, and shall perish.

19 Behold ye the paths of Tema, and the ways of Sheba; and abide ye a little.

20 They be shamed, for I hoped (They be ashamed, for they had hoped); and they came unto me, and they be covered with shame.

21 Now ye be come, and now ye see my wound, and dread (and ye fear it).

22 Whether I (ever) said, Bring ye to me, and give ye of your chattel to me?

23 either said, Deliver ye me from the hand of mine enemy, and draw away ye me from the hand of strong men? (or I said, Rescue ye me from the hands of my enemy, or draw ye me away from the hands of the strong?)

24 Teach ye me, and I shall be still (and I shall be quiet); and if in hap I unknew anything, teach ye me.

25 Why have ye contraried the words of truth? since there is none of you, that may reprove me (since there is none of you, who can rebuke me).

26 Ye make ready speeches only for to blame, and ye bring forth words into wind. (Ye only open your mouths to blame, and ye bring forth words like so much wind.)

27 Ye fall in on a fatherless child, and endeavour to pervert your friend.

28 Nevertheless fulfill ye that, that ye have begun; and give ye your ear, or hearing, and see ye, whether I lie.

29 I beseech you, answer ye me without strife, and speak ye, and deem ye that, that is just. (I beseech you, answer ye me without arguing, and say ye, and judge ye, what is fair.)

30 And ye shall not find wickedness in my tongue, neither folly shall sound in my cheeks. (And ye shall not find wickedness on my tongue, nor shall foolishness come out of my mouth.)