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Therefore, Job, call thou, if there is any man that shall answer thee, and turn thou to some of [the] saints. (And so, Job, call thou out, but is there anyone who shall answer thee? and to whom of the saints shalt thou turn?)

Wrathfulness slayeth a fond man, and envy slayeth a little child. (Anger killeth the foolish, and envy killeth the childish.)

I saw a fool with [a] steadfast root, and I cursed his fairness anon (and at once I cursed his dwelling place).

His sons shall be made far from health, and they shall be defouled in the gate, and there shall be none that shall deliver them. (Yea, his sons shall be made far from help, and they shall be reviled in the court, and there shall be no one who shall save them.)

Whose ripe corn an hungry man shall eat, and an armed man shall ravish him, and they, that thirst, shall drink his riches. (A hungry man shall eat his harvest, and an armed man shall rob him, and they, who thirst, shall drink his riches.)

Nothing is done in [the] earth without cause, and sorrow shall not go out of the earth, that is, adversity befalleth not to any man without cause. (Nothing is done on the earth without a reason, and trouble groweth not out of the earth, that is, adversity befalleth not to anyone without a reason.)

A man is born to labour, and a bird to flight.

Wherefore I shall beseech the Lord, and I shall set my speech to my God (and I shall put my case before my God).

That maketh great things, and that may not be sought out, and wonderful things without number. (Who maketh great things, which may not be sought out, and wonderful things without number.)

10 The which God giveth rain upon the face of the earth, and moisteth all things with waters (and moisteneth everything with water).

11 Which setteth meek men on high, and raiseth with health them that mourn. (Who putteth the humble upon high, and raiseth to victory those who mourn.)

12 Which destroyeth the thoughts of evil-willed men (Who destroyeth the thoughts of the evil-willed), (so) that their hands may not fulfill those things that they have begun.

13 Which taketh sly cautelous men in their own fellness, and he destroyeth the counsel of shrews. (Who catcheth the sly and the shrewd in their own craftiness, and he destroyeth the counsel of the depraved.)

14 By day they shall run into darknesses, and as in night, so they shall grope in midday. (In the daylight they shall run to the darkness, and at midday they shall grope, like in the night.)

15 Certainly God shall make safe a needy man from the sword of their mouth, and a poor man from the hand of the violent, either raveners. (But God shall make the needy safe from the mouth of their sword, and the poor from the hand of the violent, or of the raveners.)

16 And hope shall be to a needy man, but wickedness shall draw together his mouth. (And the needy shall have hope, and the mouths of the wicked shall be drawn together, or closed.)

17 Blessed is the man, which is chastised of the Lord; therefore reprove thou not the blaming of the Lord. (Blessed is the man, who is chastised by the Lord; and so do not thou reprove the Lord’s rebuke.)

18 For he woundeth, and (then he) doeth medicine; he smiteth (he striketh), and (then) his hands shall make whole.

19 In six tribulations he shall deliver thee, and in the seventh tribulation evil shall not touch thee.

20 In hunger he shall deliver thee from death, and in battle from the power of (the) sword.

21 Thou shalt be hid from the scourge of an evil tongue, and thou shalt not dread mis-ease, either wretchedness, when it cometh.

22 In destroying made of enemies and in hunger thou shalt laugh, and thou shalt not dread the beasts of [the] earth. (In destruction made by enemies, and in hunger, thou shalt laugh, and thou shalt not fear the beasts of the earth.)

23 But thy covenant shall be with the stones of (the) earth, and (the) beasts of (the) earth shall be peaceable to thee. (And thou shalt make a covenant with the stones of the earth, and the beasts of the earth shall be at peace with thee.)

24 And thou shalt know, that thy tabernacle hath peace, and thou visiting thy fairness, that is, beholding thy prosperity, shalt not sin. (And thou shalt know, that thy home shall be at peace, and thou shalt see thy prosperity, and then thou shalt not sin.)

25 And thou shalt know also, that thy seed shall be manyfold, and thy generation shall be as an herb of [the] earth. (And thou shalt know also, that thy descendants shall be many, and thy children shall be like the grass on the earth.)

26 In abundance (of years) thou shalt go into the sepulchre, as an heap of wheat is borne [in] in his time (In the abundance of years thou shalt go to the grave, or into the tomb, yea, like a heap of wheat is brought in, or harvested, in its time.)

27 Lo! this thing is so, as we have sought (Lo! we have sought out this thing, and it is so); the which thing when thou hast heard (it), treat it in thy mind.