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10 [Since you question the manner of the Almighty’s rule] deck yourself now with the excellency and dignity [of the Supreme Ruler, and yourself undertake the government of the world if you are so wise], and array yourself with honor and majesty.

11 Pour forth the overflowings of your anger, and look on everyone who is proud and abase him;

12 Look on everyone who is proud and bring him low, and tread down the wicked where they stand [if you are so able, Job].

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10 Then adorn yourself with glory and splendor,
    and clothe yourself in honor and majesty.(A)
11 Unleash the fury of your wrath,(B)
    look at all who are proud and bring them low,(C)
12 look at all who are proud(D) and humble them,(E)
    crush(F) the wicked where they stand.

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