For truly my words shall not be false, and he that is [a]perfect in knowledge, speaketh with thee.

Behold, the mighty God casteth away none that is [b]mighty and valiant of courage.

He [c]maintaineth not the wicked, but he giveth judgment to the afflicted.

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  1. Job 36:4 Thou shalt perceive that I am a faithful instructor, and that I speak to thee in the name of God.
  2. Job 36:5 Strong and constant, and of understanding: for these are the gifts of God, and he loveth them in man: but forasmuch as God punished now Job, it is a sign that these are not in him.
  3. Job 36:6 Therefore he will not preserve the wicked: but to the humble and afflicted heart he will show grace.

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